Saturday, 25 February 2012

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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Top 5 Chrome Extensions For Developers

The powerful browser we all use now a days is Chrome.
Check out this Top 5 Chrome Extensions For Developers.
5 Plugins really useful for every developer in the world.......

1) Adsense revenue Checker
Its a best plugin i use too....
There is stat button on top of the chrome bar, click it to check your revenue.
Download it from here

2)  Alexa Rank Checker

It's a fast plugin shows you the alexa rank of any website. Just visit website and click on the Alexa button appears on the Chrome bar.

Download it from here

3) URL Shortener -

Thru this plugin you can shorten any link/URL on the go . visit any website and click on zip icon on the chrome bar.
Download it from here

4) Google Page Rank(PR) Checker

It's very fast , Just click the icon and you'll get Page Rank(PR) of  website.
You can see Alexa rank of that webiste too....
Download it from here

5) All in SEO Plugin for chrome

Most of the plugins listed above comes in this plugin.
It shows :
* Page indexed in Google,
* Page indexed in Bing ,
* Back links,
* Social Options
Download it from here

I hope you liked it.
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Sunday, 12 February 2012

World of Blogging [INFOGRAPHIC]

                                                    World of Blogging

This Infographic give you information about world of blogging.

Check out this facts about blogging in this Infographic :

* 64% Bloggers are part-time, 27% Bloggers are full-time Bloggers.
* 21% Bloggers are blogging more than 6 years.
* 25% Bloggers using mobile devices.
* The two major traffic sources for blogs is Search Engine (48%) and Social Media (28%).
* 40% of Bloggers uses wordpress .
* 30% of Blogger are of 25-34 years old, 27% are of 35-44 years old.
* 11% of Bloggers gets Primary income from Blogging.
* 40% of Bloggers earn by display ads on their blogs.

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

S7 Airlines - New Acquisiton A320

S7 Company - New A320 at Airbus Plant - Toulouse - February 7, 2012.

This Airplane was the 30 airplane related to other group of European Origin which is owned by S7.

S7 Airlines declared that this Airplane will be used for 6 years.

Company has 20 A319 and 10 A320 Airplanes.
It's planned to double the similar machines in next 5 years.

Economy class is in Gray

Business class is in Lilac

Check out the upper view

Every one is happy

Friday, 10 February 2012

Thesis vs Fresh Life [INFOGRAPHY]

                                                   Thesis vs Fresh Life [INFOGRAPHY]

Guys i thought that this post can be useful to select your Wordpress Theme.
 Here It is

Advantage of Thesis :

1, Clear and neat coding
2, Seo friendly
3, Custom file editor
(Its an option where you can add or edit your files without going to control panel file editor)
4, Options for designs like side bar size editing , etc.

Advantage of Fresh Life :
1, Seo friendly
2, Low cost
3, Many options
4, Adding scripts on the go.

Now you are ready to select Wordpress theme 

Friday, 3 February 2012


                        The Best year of Gaming Industry yet - 2011

There is no clear set of instructions to choose a best game for Xbox 360 , we have tried our best to select top 10 best games of Xbox 360 in year 2011. The games that listed here are based on our own opinion. Drop ypur comment about which game you like most.

        Let's get down to the listing of Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Games Of Year 2011.

10. Forza Motorsport 4

The Best racing games for Xbox 360.

9. Dead Space 2

This Game has been a favorite for many gamers.

8. Portal 2

It's a merely bonus game as purely as fun.

7. Gears of War 3

Its a favorite game because of fantastic game play and it was one of first few games to sport mush details in surrounding and players.

6. Mass Effect 3

Aliens have taken over the earth and you have to drag the Alien out of the earth.

5. LA Noire

It's a another game by Rockstar games.

4. Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City is set to be best in the Batman series yet.

3. Dragon Age II

Another BioWare game that made it to our list.

2. Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim

This game features open world game play.

1. Crysis 2

The only game know to bog down even best PC with highest configuration.

This list is our's and what's your favorite game
Drop ypur comment about which game you like most.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Ant Movie Catalog - Review

The Software i am showing you today is of ANT MOVIE CATALOG , and with this software we do is let u catalog all the videos, DVD's, Blue-rays, that u have in your personal movie collection , you can create a national catalog as u can see............

In simple Words , Its and free software , an open-source program to manage the collection of videos like movies , dvd's , etc..
For GNU/Linux users you can try this by using WinE to get this program run.
If you are looking for an program to catlog other things like Videos, Audios , Games , Books .

Best Features Of Ant Movie Catalog :

1.   User interface translated in 30 languages.
2.   It will save catalog in two file format: binary format or XML.
3.   It will Import information from Internet using scripts.
4.   User friendly links to do search on websites.
5.   It imports media files like audio & video codec, bitrates, resolution, framerate, size.
6.   Its Scripting technology, using OPL(Object Pascal language) , which allows to modify catalog.
7.   It exports and imports from other file formats HTML, SQL commands, CSV.
8.   Its special feature , it has Loans management.
9.   It can display list as a tree, where movies are grouped.

Ant Movie Catalog(AMC) Homepage : Click Here
Ant Movie Catalog(AMC) Download Page : Click Here